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Children with canes

Pre-Employment Transition workshops for students including: Job exploration, work-based learning, counseling on opportunities for enrollment in comprehensive transition or post-secondary educational programs, workplace readiness training, and instruction in self-advocacy.

Optometric low vision examinations – Our optometric physician conducts a comprehensive low vision evaluation and gives personalized help with specific recommendations for visual aids or assistance. This service is offered by appointment only.

Retail Store stocked with the latest in aids, devices, and technology for those who are visually impaired or blind.

Video magnifier rental program – Rent a desktop video magnifier for at home use. Monthly rental fees are on a sliding scale.

Understanding Blindness – 1-day course for family members, offered twice a year.

One-on-one and group computer, iPhone & iPad training – The center offers a monthly iPhone/iPad class for free as well as one-on-one computer, iPhone & iPad training for a small hourly fee.

Annual Beeping Easter Egg Hunt

Support group for parents

Community links to low vision services and resources