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Color mates

Clothing Identification


Identify your clothing with wonderful tags. Simply attach the identifiers and you're ready to mix or match your wardrobe. 16 colors in all in different shapes. Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Brown, Grey, Peach, Cream, Navy, Mauve, Turquoise, Beige, and Orange. Machine washable. 160 tags in all.

Drink Holder

Stress Less Drink Holder


At last a cup holder for home, no longer are you restricted to the cup holders in your car. This marvelous drink holder is a wonderful aid for around the house at your favorite comfy chair or couch, bedside, desk, or even dining room table. This steady Stress Less Drink Holder™ provides one with confidence and independence while reducing messy spills and frustration.

The Stress Less Drink Holder™ can accommodate a variety of beverage containers from mugs, coffee cups, glasses & tumblers. It has a built-in Coaster and a Handy Holder for personal items like tea or sugar packets, a pen or magnifier, even your glasses, or whatever you wish to place in those slots. 

Its adaptive coaster rim helps user locate their beverage and it will contain any spillage that may occur.

Fit Overs

Haven Fit Over Glasses

Haven 'Fits Overs' are premium polarized sunglasses designed to fit seamlessly and comfortably over eyeglasses and readers. They feature Optify™ lens technology which combines 100% UVA/UVB Protection, polarization to eliminate glare, 2 layers of tough coat for twice the scratch-resistance of ordinary lenses and an oleophobic coating to repel water, oil and smudges.

They come in the following tints:

  • Amber
  • Yellow
  • Gray
  • Night Drivers 

All glasses come in 

  • Med
  • Lg
  • XL

Please indicate the tint and size on your order



Liqued Level


Three-Prong Liquid Level Indicator



  • Primary sensors tell you when liquid nears the top
  • A second sensor changes pitch when you need to stop pouring
  • Accommodates rims thinner than 3/8"
  • Small enough to take with you

Three-Prong Liquid Level Indicator - Black - Never again risk the embarrassment and inconvenience of overfilling your dinner glass or coffee mug with this alerting liquid indicator. Ideal for those with low vision, this tech-savvy, vision impairment device will offset messy clean ups. Hang this low vision liquid level indicator on any cup or glass with a rim thinner than 3/8 inches and you'll know when to stop pouring. A chirping noise is sounded when the low vision primary sensors are touched by liquid. If the liquid continues to be poured and contacts the secondary sensor, a higher-pitched chirping noise warning you to stop will be sounded.


Timer blackTimer whiteTimer yellow


Tactile Low Vision Long Ring Timer -

  • Yellow with black numbers

  • White with black numbers

  • Black with white numbersRegular price

  • Large 8” diameter bright yellow face
  • 1-1/8” bold black numbers
  • Tactile numbers and markings
  • Oversized dial is easy to operate


This timer has great features for the blind, those with low vision and the arthritic. Large 1-1/8" bold numbers on an oversized 8-inch diameter bright face make it easier to see. Tactile numbers and markings allow for touch-reading. The oversized white dial is easy to grasp and turn. Plus, the extra long ring is great for the hard of hearing and for use in noisy environments.

Use it in the kitchen, darkrooms and for timing kids' sports and activities.  Lay it flat on a countertop or table, or hang it on a wall for quick, easy access. 60-minute mechanical timer; no batteries required.